At SIGHT OPTICAL BOUTIQUE, we have been fortunate to be able to work with some of the best independent eyewear collections in the world and we take great pride in knowing that we are able to support these smaller artisan companies and their commitment to quality, originality and good design.



Salt. Optics is an independent lifestyle company that creates premium handcrafted eyewear for people who like simple things made well.  Established in 2006 and located in Coastal California, SALT. applies over 30 years of experience in building brands, developing products and servicing customers in the optical, fashion apparel and accessories markets. Inspired by the need for eyewear that is stylish, technically advanced and appropriate for their lifestyle, the founders of SALT, set out to provide the optical industry with an independent alternative.



Launched in 2007, the Barton Perreira collection of eyewear immediately made a tremendous impact on the fashion industry. Created by visionaries Bill Barton and Patty Perreira, the Barton Perreira brand of luxury eyewear are handmade and use the finest materials in Japan. The Barton Perreira frame is not mass-produced, like most eyewear companies that have machines pumping out hundreds of thousands of eyewear into the market. Barton Perreira’s eyewear is handmade by skilled artisans, produced in limited quantities making each piece as exclusive and unique as the wearer.



Oscar Magnuson’s designs are inspired by individual expression. Often the starting point will be a colourful character from the past, such as Arthur Miller, but inspiration can also come from fictional characters, such as Oscar Wilde’s Dorian Gray. Iconic shapes and history also inspire his designs. With quality and fit other important ingredients, the result is a stylish, intellectual look.



Aframes is a cause driven brand that combines a handcrafted product with a mission.  Aframes donates a portion of each purchase of glasses to distribute vitamin A supplements in developing nations.  Along with their cause, this Michigan based company, is just as dedicated to the style and quality of their eyewear.  IT is because of this that they have chosen to have their frames handmade by craftsman in Istanbul, Turkey using only the finest Italian materials.



Created in the seventies by Laurence & Philippe Lafont, the “Lunettes Lafont” brand is sold in over 40 countries in 2011. The company is still today family owned and managed by Philippe, his two sons Thomas and Matthieu are working with him. Since the beginning, Lafont made the choice of full control of its brand image and creation process with the Studio Lafont, which Thomas is the Chief Designer.



RVS Eyewear has been supplying its brand of Hand Made Matt Eyewear since its launch as the first eyewear company to be based out of Istanbul Turkey in 2006.  The vision for “quality eyewear built to last a lifetime” was brought to life by founder Vidal Erkohen. All RVS frames are hand assembled in limited quantities and manufactured according to our clients requests. Instead of keeping our suppliers stuck to a certain catalogue we provide a large array of colors for each of our designs and are able to custom combine any of these colors leaving our frames final designs up to your imagination. 



A modern eyewear manufactory that combines precision craftsmanship with new technologies. A constant search for innovation, the visionary use of materials and a wealth of experience in eyewear design are the defining elements behind MYKITA’s collections. A key factor in the company’s success is its holistic business philosophy, which brings together expertise from all disciplines under a single roof, the MYKITA HAUS. It thrives on the power of a self-contained network that enables interdisciplinary research and the transfer of technologies. This all-encompassing mentality is also reflected in the MYKITA Shops; the unique retail concept unites the firm’s own design principles with optical precision made in Germany.



As one of the very few USA based high end optical companies, Bevel continues to forge it's own path to success both here in the USA and internationally through it's collection of bold and beautiful eyewear designs. Enhancing the natural beauty of the eyeglass wearer with a frame that provides lasting balance and comfort. A minimal approach to design while blending fresh natural combinations of colors.



Etnia Barcelona is an independent brand of glasses known for being the most creative and colourist in the international optical sector. The company is made up by a team of young creative and entrepreneurial workers who, thanks to the full stylistic freedom that they are given, provide the brand with its own identity, placing it on the borders of the fashion, art and design sectors. To do so, it controls the entire creation and production process, without overlooking any details and even designing its own colors with the aid of a partner in Milan that manufactures them on an exclusivity basis.



Benner eyewear design was founded to change that. Each style is a statement for uniqueness and originality. You can find the models only in the best optical shops worldwide. Designed in Germany and produced from the finest manufacturers in Germany. All models are made in small series and are 100% made in Germany. It's  frames for the individualists, not for the masses.



RAEN is a classics-driven, boutique eyewear brand. We are designers inspired by our own adventures and determined to create only authentic, innovative optics that offer intrinsic value and timeless style.



Randolph Engineering has supplied sunglasses to the US Military and Air Forces world-wide since 1982. Famed for their extreme durability and classic American styles, these sunglasses are meticulously handcrafted using only the finest materials.  Manufactured in Randolph, Massachusetts.



Since their humble beginnings on the beaches of Maui, Maui Jim has been committed to honing their craft and creating sunglasses like no other. Sunglasses that provide advanced protection from the glare and harmful rays of the sun without distorting the beautiful colors that surround us. That’s why Maui Jim is the only company to offer patented PolarizedPlus2® lens technology. It eliminates glare and boosts color so blues are truer, greens are brighter and reds are more vibrant.  



A boutique line of sunglasses and goggles born out of this need to create. To define ourselves among the masses of sameness. Defending the desire to be different and embracing the need to constantly evolve. Our people: me, you, them, us; we are all driven by similar things. The need for adventure. For a journey, and a story, striving for more than just a basic existence. From our friends to our families, the moments you make become you. Ands this is what we live for, creating new memories while living life through our lenses.



Inspired by the sobriety of the 60's, this new collection is a throwback to classic sunglasses from the past.  The sober and reassuring style of these products matches the expectations of every sensitive person for quality and authenticity.



KBL is about vision—the vision of bringing artistry, quality, and design together to create a global eyewear brand that is both unique and timeless. Whether it’s the metallic glint on a vintage guitar or the ethereal color of beach glass, KBL is constantly seeking new ways to merge inspiration with design. Soldier Betty. Wild Promises. Russian Gold. At KBL, even the names of our frames are evocative. Sleek and sexy, our designs are bold. Textured. Whether it’s the juxtaposition of a small metal detail within burnished acetate or a turquoise temple set against a tortoise frame, our glasses embody the same qualities of the urban architecture and culture that surrounds and inspires us here in New York City and beyond. KBL eyewear is for the person who appreciates artistry, design and craftsmanship. We hope our glasses do not dictate a style but rather equip you for a journey all your own. Whether it’s travel or daydreaming, open your eyes and see the world through KBL.



SUPER are made in multiple color graduations, which has generated a big trend starting in 2007.  Super is the 1rst brand to produce a complete range of colorful fashion sunglasses combining these characteristics together with a very high quality manufacturing process. SUPER sunglasses are made to the highest possible standards, hand made in Italy by the best manufacturers and with the best materials. For this reason, SUPER also decided to adopt Zeiss lenses, which guarantee an extremely high level of protection to the eyes in all conditions.



For over forty years Smith Optics has hung its hat on a heritage of authenticity, innovating products for the fresh-air addict who pushes their limits and gear daily. Based in Sun Valley, Idaho, Smith Optics, Inc. was founded in 1965 with the creation of the first goggle featuring a sealed thermal lens and breathable vent foam. Today, Smith is known for its diverse line of sunglasses, snow goggles, prescription eyewear, and apparel. Smith’s devotion to excellence, innovation, performance and style has made Smith the choice of action-sport athletes worldwide.



Anglo American Optical Company was founded in London in 1882, with over 120 years of frame making experience. They pride ourselves on manufacturing the highest quality zyl frames in the industry. They started producing frames by hand and have perfected what they believe is truly an art.



Scojo New York, revered for its chic collection of reading eyewear, proudly presents the latest in ready-to-wear reading essentials. Must-have designs come alive with bold and exquisite collections including Tribeca, Gels and Sun Readers. From season to season, look to Scojo New York for beautifully feminine collections for women, and sleek, distinctive solutions for men.